Hello everyone! Tomorrow you can see us at the Community Day in Teplice nad Becvou. We will perform at 7 pm and play a really...
Hello everyone! On Wednesday, July 13 at 6:00 p.m., we will play a gig in the Castle Garden in Hranice as part of the Hranice...
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Radim Cerny was born on 4th January 1986
in a small town of Hranice in Czechoslovakia.
The first time he heard rock music, was when he just turned five
and was immediately fascinated by this gender of music.
When he was twelve he was very much devoted to music.
As soon as he could play the guitar he played in a local school band.
During his studies at the College of Prostejov, specialized
in fashion designer education, he also attended The Arnold Prokop Private Music School.
At this school he studied jazz music
and also he learned, how to improvise the guitar.
 In 2003 together with a rock band called Raimond he recorded their first CD “Zahrada Snu”
(The Garden of Dreams). At that time he also played with other bands such as Honey - Bunny.
 In 2005 he successfully graduated at the College and he started to study at The Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague as well as special studying of rock and jazz guitar.
 He was also asked to play with a progressive rock band “Different Light”. He worked together with Martin Sevcik. Martin is a singer who was a contestant in one of the very popular music programmes called “Czech Republic is looking for a Superstar”.
In 2012 he helped to record Martin’s album “I Hate the Fall” in collaboration with an American producer and musician Ian Kolesky.
Shortly after graduation at the Conservatory he worked as a guitar teacher at the Art School of Hranice and also he played in a legendary Czech rock band “Citron” as well as in many other bands.
 Nowadays he focuses mainly to rock and pop music as well as to writing his own songs. He plays great both the electric as well as acoustic guitar, when he performs in a singer song writer style. Since 2016 he also plays with a singer Debbi